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MEWOI-MIX8011 Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide(CO) Gas Sensor

MEWOI-MIX8011 Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide(CO) Gas Sensor

2023-07-12 08:51:46  

Target Gas: CO,Carbon Monoxide Range :0~1000ppm Application: Residential and commercial, Industrial monitors,Indoor underground parking

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Principle Introduction

Carbon Monoxide ( Co ) gas sensor is electrochemical gas sensor,the concentration of the gas could be get by measuring value of current.We have different types of CO sensors, except the sensor, we also have modules and we can supply one-stop gas sensor solutions.The most hotsale type of co sensor is: MEWOI-MIX8012,MEWOI-MIX8011,MEWOI-MIX8015,etc.The life of the co sensor are 3 years,7years,8years,10years.So just tell us your detail need,we can meet your different needs and send you price asap.


High selectivity and sensitivity to CO , High accuracy , Linear output ,Long life ,Environmental protection design


Residential and commercial ,Industrial monitors ,Indoor underground parking ,Houseboat and moto home ,Fire detection ,Ventilation control ,Domestic generator

Technical Parameters

Target GasCarbon monoxide
Measurement Range0 ~ 1000 ppm
Maximum Overload2000 ppm
Output Current1.5-3.5 nA/ppm
Resolution0.5 ppm
Response Time(T90)< 60 S
Long Term Output Drift< 2% /month
Lifetime10 years
Operating Temperature Range-20 ~ 50˚C
Operating Humidity Range15 ~ 90% RH
Operating Pressure Range0.1MPa±10%
Recommended Load Resistor1kΩ
Bias VoltageNot required
Note: All measurements were taken at 20˚C, 50%RH at 1013hPa

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