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MEWOI-ZC7305C Ground Resistance Tester

MEWOI-ZC7305C Ground Resistance Tester

2023-08-10 17:18:44  

MEWOI-ZC7305C Ground Resistance Tester

  • Main Features :
  • Serial No. : Lisa0527
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MEWOI-ZC7305C Ground Resistance Tester


Performance characteristics

Intelligent microprocessor control

Built-in constant current linear amplifier for accurate output

30A/510mQ application range

Automatic compensation of test line impedance, 5 sets of test program memory

Key-in software calibration, keyboard security lock

Can be connected with a withstand voltage tester for automatic testing

Technical index



Input power


Output constant current

0-30Aac constant current source, resolution 0.1A/step, accuracy: ± (2% setting value + 0.02A)

Output signal voltage

6Vac MAX (measured when open circuit)

Output signal frequency

50Hz/60Hz selectable

Resistance range

0- 120mQ (>10A)/1-510mQ (10A) Resolution: 1mQ/step, accuracy: (2% of reading value + 1 word)

Zero deviation

MAX 100mQ, resolution: 1mQ/step, accuracy: (2% setting value + 1 word)

Upper limit setting

Range: 0-510mQ Resolution: 1mQ/step Accuracy: (2% set value + 1 word)

testing time

Range: 0.5-999.9 seconds (O=continuous test)

Control interface

Input: Test (TEST), Reset (RESET)Withstand voltage test(WITHSTAND PROCESSING)Output: Test passed (PASS)Test failed (FAIL)

Test in progress (TEST-IN-PROCESS)

Test result output method

Buzzer, LCD display reading, control interface status output

Memory group

5 sets of test condition memory


16x2 LCD display with backlight

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