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MEWOI-CWC150/200V Hydraulic cutting machine

MEWOI-CWC150/200V Hydraulic cutting machine

2023-07-11 14:35:56  

Hydraulic cutting machine

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This machine is cut off the copper and aluminum bus bar dedicatedequipmentrequired to complete pump (manual pump,Treadle pumps,electric pumps) use.Unilateral cut waste-free.

1.It is designed for bending Cu/AI bus bar.

2.Fast cutting speed without leading to fine scrapping after cutting.The big scrap is good for recycle.

3.V style blade is designed for automatic positioning object to be cut.Cutting surface is smooth without distortion.

4.Portable unit could be carried to site or fixed in the facto ry for batchcutting.

Model Comparison

ModelThickness of Sheet(mm)Width of Sheet(mm)Ourput(T)Weigh(kg)Remark
1502529Manual pump CP-700/electric pump ZCB-700A
34Manual pump CP-700/electric pump ZCB-700A

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