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MEWOI-FST200-202Wind Direction Sensor

MEWOI-FST200-202Wind Direction Sensor

2023-07-11 16:00:00  

Wind Direction Sensor

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【Product description】

MEWOI-FST200-202 wind direction sensor is a high-reliability and high-performance wind direction measurement sensor. The product has a built-in protection circuit that is strong against radio frequency, anti-electromagnetic interference and lightning surge. It is used for construction machinery, railways, ports, docks, and power plants. Sensors used to measure wind direction in fields such as meteorology, ropeway, environment, greenhouse, and breeding. The main structural parts are made of alloy materials with surface treatment. The product has good waterproof and corrosion resistance. The internal and rotating parts are all sealed, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of water, salt spray and sand dust.


 ● Non-contact magnetic sensor measurement principle, high measurement accuracy and strong reliability

 ● Using high-precision alloy material, polyester coating, strong wind resistance and corrosion resistance

 ● Convenient observation, stable and reliable

 ● Sensor circuit protection adopts fault-tolerant design

 ● Comply with CE EMC standard, multi-level lightning and surge protection design

 ● Exquisite design, simple installation

 【Scope of application】

 ● Monitoring and control of high-altitude operations 

 ● Monitoring and control of construction machinery operation process 

 ● Monitoring and control of weather stations and environmental protection

 ● Monitoring and control of ports and docks

【Technical Parameters】

 Product number FST200-202
 Measuring range 0~360°
 Output signal 4~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V, Modbus485
 Supply voltage 15~30VDC
 Precision ±3°
 Starting wind speed  ≤0.5m/s
 Wind strength >70m/S 30min
 Operating temperature -20~+85℃
 Humidity 0%~95% (Non-condensing)
 Storage temperature -40℃~125℃
 Electrostatic protection 15KV
 Material Aluminum alloy/polyester layer
 Protection level  IP65
 Electrical connections M12 connector
 Heating method ——
 Heating voltage ——
 Heating power  ——

 【Shape structure and electrical connection】


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