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MEWOI-CHT1653.CHT1653B.CHT1653-6 Battery element tester
MEWOI-CHT1653.CHT1653B.CHT1653-6 Battery element tester
MEWOI-CHT1653.CHT1653B.CHT1653-6 Battery element tester
MEWOI-CHT1653.CHT1653B.CHT1653-6 Battery element tester

MEWOI-CHT1653.CHT1653B.CHT1653-6 Battery element tester

2023-07-11 11:19:02  

MEWOI-CHT1653.CHT1653B.CHT1653-6 Battery element tester

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MEWOI-CHT1653.CHT1653B.CHT1653-6 Battery element tester


MEWOI-CHT1653 series battery element tester is aimed at the product defects caused by the quality problem of the plate itself or the production process problem in the lead-acid battery industry, and can effectively detect the defective products before the battery is charged with acid. This instrument uses high-voltage pulses to test the battery plates. Due to the small average energy, the damage to the battery is far less than that of the constant voltage test method, and it will not be affected by the environment and cause misjudgment.

MEWOI-CHT1563B and MEWOI-CHT1563B-6 are models supporting automatic test system. The standard PLC interface is used in automatic sorting system to complete automatic assembly line test.

The instrument has the functions of self-checking and digital preset of alarm points, and can judge the short-circuit condition of PE plates with internal resistance greater than 50Ω.

It can quickly detect and screen out the short circuit of the electrode plate caused by small metal particles and burrs, and the product defect caused by the quality problem of the electrode plate itself or the production process problem. Non-conforming results in costly returns to the manufacturer.

Principle of battery element tester

The battery plate short-circuit tester is based on the principle of high-voltage breakdown, and performs a micro-short-circuit test on the battery plate, and judges the degree of short-circuit of the plate based on the magnitude of the leakage current. The instrument is controlled by a microcomputer digital circuit, the parameter settings are all digital, the test work can be manual or automatic, and the voltage and leakage current are displayed in real time. Therefore, during the testing process, the actual value of the leakage current of the measured object can be monitored. During the testing process, the measured object will give an audible and visual alarm if the leakage current exceeds the set leakage current. The plate short-circuit tester is suitable for the micro-short circuit test of the battery plate and the test of the safety withstand voltage, insulation and leakage current of the strong current system. At the same time, it is also an indispensable voltage and insulation testing equipment for scientific research laboratories and technical supervision departments.

MEWOI-CHT/HK1653/1653B-6 series plate short circuit tester: built-in automatic protection and reset function, the instrument automatically shuts down the high voltage after detecting defects, and automatically resets the high voltage after passing the test or removing the battery.

Application Area

Lead-acid battery, battery plate short circuit detection and repair

Performance characteristics

1,Pulse current output, safe and reliable non-destructive testing;
2,Suitable for short circuit test of low internal resistance PE plate;
3,Short-circuit instantaneous output current >100A ;
4,Non-contact circuit design, long service life;
5,Unqualified sound and light alarm prompt;
6,LED digital dual display (real-time voltage display and battery quality display);
7,150 Ω /250 Ω, two ranges are adjustable.

Technical parameter table

Model CHT/HK1653CHT/HK1653BCHT/HK1653B-6
Display12mm×17mm  high- brightness LED digital dual display
Test channelone channelone channelsix-channels
Voltage adjustment range50Vpp~3000Vpp50Vpp~3000Vpp50Vpp~3000Vpp
Quality display measuring range0~9990~9990~999
Voltage accuracy±(10% +3digits)±(10% +3digits)±(10% +3digits)
Resistance range150 Ω / 250 Ω in the 150 Ω range, the minimum value can be used to test plates with an internal resistance above 50 Ω
Test pulse frequency500KHz
short circuit current>300A
Alarm method
Sound alarm, light indicator alarm
Power Supply198V AC-240V AC, Frequency 47Hz-63Hz
Rated Power
Dimension400*400*155mm, Weight: 14.5KG
OthersBuilt-in standard resistance, with self-test function, strong anti-interference

One CHT/HK1653 host

One pair of CHT/HK9153 test leads

Power cord 250V (GB)

One CHT/HK1653B host

One pair of CHT/HK9153 test leads

Power cord 250V (GB)


One CHT/HK1653B host

One pair of CHT/HK9153 test leads

Power cord 250V (GB)


The performance comparison between MEWOI-CHT/HK1653 series pulse type and traditional  DC withstand voltage tester is as follows:



MEWOI-CHT/HK1653 seriesTraditional  DC withstand voltage tester
test signalHigh frequency pulse high voltageContinuous DC High Voltage
Output currentImax > 300AImax < 100mA
Plate repair functionRepair plate short circuit caused by small metal particlesno such function
Effect on batteryThe test average energy is small, no harm to the battery

The test energy is large and the calorific value is large

Potentially damaging to batteries

safety regulationsNo risk of electric shock to the human bodyIt is easy to cause electric shock to the human body , there is a danger of electric shock

Advantages of Pulsed Versus High Voltage Testers

Before explaining the advantages of pulse mode , let's first introduce why it is used? What does it do ? What are we testing for ?

In the production process of lead-acid batteries, due to the quality problems of the plates themselves and the process problems in the processing process , there are often burrs or small lead particles between the plates, which affects the gap between the plates. insulation properties. Such a plate has a serious battery self-discharge phenomenon after acid charging and charging, and is a substandard product, thereby causing expensive return losses to the manufacturer.

    It is mainly used to test the insulation performance of the electrode plate before acid filling , detect the plate short circuit inherent in the electrode plate or caused by the processing process, and avoid the unpacking and scrapping caused by the unqualified electrode plate after acid filling. Improve the one-time yield of products and avoid the double loss of economy and reputation caused by returns to manufacturers!

The real meaning is: pulse type, the instrument can output high-frequency pulse high voltage, when a qualified electrode plate is detected, the test port has no output current, and when a short-circuited electrode plate is detected , the instrument can instantly output a pulse greater than 300A Current, repair the short circuit caused by small particles of metal , sound and light alarm for the short circuit caused by large particles or the plate itself, and cut off the high voltage to protect the plate. When the test end of the instrument is removed from the plate, the sound and light alarm stops, and other batteries can be tested again.

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