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MEWOI-MIX8416 Electrochemical Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S) Gas Sensor

MEWOI-MIX8416 Electrochemical Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S) Gas Sensor

2023-07-12 09:19:04  

Target Gas: Hydrogen Sulfide/H2S Range :0~100ppm Application: Industrial monitors, leakage detection

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Principle Introduction

MEWOI-MIX8416 is an electrochemical hydrogen sulfide (H2S) sensor developed by Mixsen. It uses the principle of electrochemistry, the hydrogen sulfide  gas undergoes a redox reaction under the catalyst condition. This produces the electric current. The current is directly proportional to the concentration of hydrogen sulfide . Through measure the current to get the concentration of hydrogen sulfide


High selectivity , High accuracy , Linear output , Environmental protection design


Industrial monitors, leakage detection , Environmental protection field , The Comprehensive Underground corridor

Technical Parameters

Target Gashydrogen sulfide
Measurement Range0 ~ 100 ppm
Maximum Overload200 ppm
Sensitivity0.6~ 1.0 uA/ppm
Resolution0.5 ppm
Response Time(T90)< 60 Seconds
Long Term Output Drift< 2% /month
Lifetime2 years in air
Operating Temperature Range-20 ~ 50˚C
Operating Humidity Range15 ~ 90% RH, no-condensing
Bias VoltageNot required

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