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MEWOI-MIX8420 Electrochemical Nitrogen Dioxide(NO2) Gas Sensor

MEWOI-MIX8420 Electrochemical Nitrogen Dioxide(NO2) Gas Sensor

2023-07-12 09:20:08  

Target Gas: Nitrogen Dioxide/NO2 Range :0-10ppm Application: Industrial monitors leakage detection

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Principle Introduction

MEWOI-MIX8420 is an electrochemical Nitrogen Dioxide(NO2) gas sensor developed by Mixsen. It uses the principle of electrochemistry. There is a reference electrode inside the sensor, which greatly improves the stability of the sensors. When the sensor senses the nitrogen dioxide, the working electrode and the counter electrode react with the redox reaction, through measure the current to get the concentration of nitrogen dioxide.


*High selectivity & sensitivity to NO2

*High accuracy

*Linear output


* Industrial NO2 monitors leakage detection

Technical Parameters

Target Gasnitrogen dioxide
Measurement Range0~10 ppm
Maximum Overload20 ppm
Sensitivity0.40 ~ 0.80 μA/ppm (negative siginal)
Response Time(T90)< 120 Seconds
Resolution0.2 ppm
Long Term Output drift<2% per year
Life Expectancy(in air)2 Years
Operating Temperature Range-20 ~ 50˚C / 15~90% RH
Operation Press0.1MPa±10%
Bias VoltageNot required
Note: All measurements were taken at 20˚C, 50%RH at 1013hPa

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