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MEWOI-601 Insulation Oil Dielectric Loss Tester,Transformer Oil Tan Delta Tester
MEWOI-601 Insulation Oil Dielectric Loss Tester,Transformer Oil Tan Delta Tester
MEWOI-601 Insulation Oil Dielectric Loss Tester,Transformer Oil Tan Delta Tester
MEWOI-601 Insulation Oil Dielectric Loss Tester,Transformer Oil Tan Delta Tester

MEWOI-601 Insulation Oil Dielectric Loss Tester,Transformer Oil Tan Delta Tester

2023-07-10 15:38:14  

Insulation Oil Dielectric Loss Tester

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MEWOI-601 oil dielectric loss tester,According to GB/T5654-2007 "liquid insulating materials Relative permittivity, dielectric loss factor and dc resistivity measurements of design and manufacture. For the dielectric loss factor of liquids such as insulating oil dielectric and dc resistivity measurement. The integration of structure. Internal integration the dielectric loss of oil cup, temperature controller, temperature sensor, dielectric loss testing bridge, communication power supply, standard capacitor, high resistance meter, dc high voltage source and other major parts. Instrument internal adopts digital technology, all intelligent automation measurement, Equipped with large pure color 5.7 inch TFT LCD touch screen display, full Chinese menu, Test results can be automatic storage and print output, Operators will be able to operate and without professional training.


(1)Oil cup of the accord with national standard GB/T5654-2007 three electrode type structure, the electrode spacing 2 mm, Can eliminate the stray capacitance and xie's influence on the dielectric loss test results.

(2)Instrument by medium frequency induction heating, PID temperature control algorithm. The heating mode with oil cup with non-contact heating body, heat evenly, high speed, convenient control, Make temperature strictly controlled within the preset temperature error range.

(3)Internal standard capacitor for SF6 inflatable three pole type capacitor, the capacitance of the dielectric loss and capacitance is not affected by environmental temperature, humidity, The instrument accuracy after long time use is still guaranteed.

(4)Test AC power supply adopts AC - DC - AC conversion method, Effectively avoid the mains voltage and frequency fluctuations impact on dielectric loss test accuracy, Even if is a generator, the instrument can also run correctly.
(5)Perfect protection function. When over voltage, over current, high voltage short circuit, Instrument can quickly cut off the high pressure, and send out a warning message.. When the temperature sensor failure or not connected, the warning information. In the medium frequency induction heating furnace with finite temperature relay, When the temperature over 120 degrees, the relay release, stop heating.

(6)Parameters setting is convenient. Temperature set range of 0 ~ 120 ℃,Ac voltage setting range200 ~ 2200 v,0 ~ 500 v dc voltage setting range.

(7)Adopted the pure color TFT LCD touch screen display, show clear. Simply set, the instrument can automatically test.And automatic storage and print the test results.

(8)Built-in real-time clock, the test date, time may be retained with the test results, display and print.

(9)Empty cup electrode calibration function. Measure the empty cup electrode capacitance and dielectric loss factor, cleaning and assembly of electrode to determine empty cup. Calibration data is automatically saved for relative permittivity and precise calculation of dc resistivity.

(10)Instrument RAM9 platform as the core, high precision, high speed.


The power supply voltage

AC 220V±10%

Power frequency

50Hz/60Hz ±1%

Measuring range

Capacitance      5pF~200pF

The relative permittivity 1.000~30.000

Dielectric loss factor  0.00001~100

Accuracy of measurement

Capacitance     ±(1%reading+0.5pF)

The relative permittivity±1%reading

Dielectric loss factor±(1%reading+0.0001)

Points and distinguishing rate

capacitance        0.01pF

The relative permittivity 0.001

Dielectric loss factor      0.00001

Temperature measurement range


Temperature measurement error


The ac voltage

200~2200V  Continuous adjustable, frequency 50 hz

Power consumption


Type or outside

460mm× 370mm×330mm

Total amount of25Kg

The environment temperature


Relative humidity


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