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MEWOI-MIX5007 Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor

MEWOI-MIX5007 Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor

2023-07-12 09:03:29  

Target Gas: Combustible Gas Range :0~100%LEL Application: * Industrial usage combustible gas detectors

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Principle Introduction

MEWOI-MIX5007 work on the catalytic combustion principle. When the arm of electric bridge, which consists of a test element and a compensate element, meets the combustible gas, it will result the resistance of test element rising, At the same time, to change the output voltage of the bridge, the voltage variable is risen in direct proportion as the gas concentration, the compensate element play on the role of reference, and compensate of temperature and humidity.


*Good linearity                                                               

* Fast response and recovery                                      

* Good stability and repeatability

* Strong anti-interference ability 

* Low power consumption


* Industrial usage combustible gas detectors

* Domestic usage combustible gas detectors

Technical Parameters

Operation Voltage2.5±0.1V
Operation Current150±10mA
Sensitivity(mV)1% methane 15~40
Measurement Range(%LEL)0~100
Response Time (90%)≤10 second
Recovery Time(90%)≤30 second
Operation environment-40~+70℃less than 95%RH
Storage environment-20~+70℃less than 95%RH
Life Expectancy5 years

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