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MEWOI-MIX2111D-EXP Digital Output Combustible Gas Detection Module

MEWOI-MIX2111D-EXP Digital Output Combustible Gas Detection Module

2023-07-12 09:04:31  

Target Gas: Combustible gas, alkanes, organic vapor Range : Application: Combustible gas alarm, combustible gas monitoring device

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Principle Introduction

MEWOI-MIX2111D-EXP Combustible Gas Detection Module adopts semiconductor gas sensor, featuring high sensitivity, small size and long life. It also adopts digital UART interface output with user calibration function. The sensor has high sensitivity to combustible gases such as alkanes, alcohol, hydrogen, carbon monoxide and natural gas. The module was already aged, debugged and calibrated, it has good consistency and high sensitivity.
This product adopts array combination or single module, installed in the vicinity of combustible gas pipelines, valves, filling equipment etc., quantitatively monitors the concentration of combustible gas, organic vapor and other hazardous chemicals in the environment, with the background alarm system. It can effectively provide early warning of potential hazards.


* High sensitivity to combustible gas
* Low cost, long life
* Good stability
* Simple application circuit


* Combustible gas alarm

* Combustible gas monitoring device

Technical Parameters

Target GasMethane/CH4
Operation voltage4.8-5.2V DC
Operation Current< 80mA average
Preheating Time≤ 3 minutes
response time(T90)<20 seconds
recovery time<60 seconds
Long Term Sensitivity Drift≤1%/year
Digital output0.00~100.0%LEL
Communication Interface5V electrical level TTL
Operation Conditions0~50℃/15~90%RH (no condensation)
Storage Conditions-20~50℃/0~60%RH (no condensation)
Weight≤ 20g
Life Expectancy≥ 10 years

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